Nov 14, 2012

Rosanna Joins Cavalia

After years in the making, I finally decided to run away with the circus.  My background in theatre, television production, and of course horses has made it a rather seamless transition.  

It's a challenge to be working and training horses that others ride and they have to perform the same show night after night.  They know the show inside and out, including the music cues, so I have to learn quickly to keep up and get the best out of them. 

Last night was the premiere in San Diego and it was a hit.  I succeeded at overcoming some little, what my dad would call hiccoughs, that my horse had presented during rehearsal so I was very pleased.  I ride a young, five year-old Spanish purebred so there is a lot to train every day to try and bring him up to speed. 

We'll be here through the holidays and then the plan is to head to Australia.  What a long journey for the horses!  They'll have plenty of quarantine and rest time out in the summer sun before gearing up for the next city.  

I'll be keeping you posted!

Nov 8, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday, Frank!

My dad's birthday was on October 1 and our family decided we would celebrate it in style by going to Portugal to visit his family and then head over to Paris, France to see the 4 Écoles Équestres show.  We invited members of Grelo Farms to join us and were so happy with how many people did!

What an opportunity it was to see the classical dressage academies of Europe ride together:  Vienna, Spain, Portugal, and Saumur.  The event was made even more special with the presentation of a unique book for my father made by our dear friend, Beverly Furer.

Bev commemorated my father's 70th birthday by compiling the photos and stories of members' experiences of studying with him.  Titled All In The Same Pocket, it brings together the memories of so many of those involved in bringing not only their dreams and aspirations to life, but those of my father as well.

Thank you, Bev, for creating this very special gift and thank you to the members of our extended family of Grelo Farms for joining us in Paris to celebrate my dad's birthday.  It was truly an honour and pleasure to spend this time with you!